The K&N Air filter for the carburettor V12 (Series 1 Double SIx, Series 1 Jaguar V12, Series 3 E-Type)

Good morning team,
I have been scouring the web for air filters for my 1973 Daimler Double Six VDP with very little success. Apparently they have stopped making them? Notwithstanding, I have put K&N Filters in my 1988 XJ-S V12 with fantastic results, so I am seeking advice/availability/source of a K&N Filter for the earlier car. I’m sure my friends with V12 E-Types have already made the change to their engines.
Searching the web:
SNG Barrat did provide one under C37066KN, since discontinued;
I have measured the air filter housing, and using the K&N website and found two that may fit 33-2819, and 33-3095, but seek advice from the forum on anyone that has actually fitted the replacement filter.
Many thanks for your help and advice.
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The main purpose of air filters is to keep foreign objects and dirt from entering the engine, Chris - without unduly interfere with air flow. And to some extent to dampen inlet noise…

The first is likely fulfilled by any reputable air filter - the second is sort related to individual preferences…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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Thanks Frank, whilst you have identified the problem broadly, my nuance is that I still want to use the factory fitted air filter housing. Having established this constraint finding the correct size and shape filter is a problem. There are many filters that can prevent rubbish entering the carburettor, but not very many that fit the housing, or indeed afternarket housing filter combinations that fit the car: room being at a premium beneath the bonnet of the V12 saloon.
SNG Barrat previously offered the K&N Filter under the P/N above (C37066KN), I have contacted the K&N retailers here in Australia, who can’t find it in their stock, so I was really reaching out to the European, and USA members who may know of a regional part number for the K&N filter that I could e-bay back to sunny Australia.
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I am currently searching for the same. I have a 73 XJ1/2. Did you establish which filter cartridge is correct please ?

Good afternoon Andrew,
Not yet. I have a K&N numbers which I obtained on the K&N website by searching by dimensions:
33-2819; or
However, I haven’t been able to source either item in Australia. I am going to approach K&N direct and see if they can help us. I’ll post the results of that enquiry.

Thanks Chris. I will have a look around here in the UK and see whether I can find any and let you know if I am successful. Good luck.

Got on to the K&N Website:
a. K&N number 33-2579 (discontinued); is the same product as
b. SNG Barrat C37066KN (discontinued);
c. Is the replacement air filter for the carb V12.
However, if anyone knows of a retailer that may have old stock Andrew and I could make enquiries. Many thanks.
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Does this look correct?

Good afternoon Robin,
Yes, I can confirm that the 33-2579 number is the K&N Part number for the SNG Barrat C37066KN part; now discontinued. I did try putting the ‘Smart Stuff Parts’ filter into my shopping basket, but it doesn’t work; so I assumed, although they still advertise the part, they have no stock. I have sent them an email asking if they still have any in stock. I have also peppered Facebook on all the Jaguar Forums for the XJ series to see if anyone knows of a supplier. Despite all this, my question is what are all the V12 owners using for air filtration, there being a paucity of the OEM units available. I did find a set at JagDaim in Melbourne, Victoria: they wanted $300.00 for them!
Anyway, I’m searching the USA for a supplier now, although the postage is extraordinarily expensive to sunny Australia, the UK is much cheaper.

Hi there. Look I managed to buy one new in the UK. There is a chap on EBay UK offering a new pair. They look shop soiled but probably new

Let me know if you need a help with these.


Good afternoon Andrew,
Apologies for the slow response. Ordered and paid for using Pay Pal, and your link on e-Bay. Many thanks, Chris

Checked through contact, they are out of stock. Thanks for your help though, I’ll keep looking.
I have been looking in Finland, where they were advertised, but they haven’t got any either: were most apologetic that they hadn’t kept their website up to date, which was nice.