The Maximum Power

guys … this summer I will have to travel 250 km to reach the holiday destination with my family … from the island of Sardinia we will go to the island of Corsica. my problem is that once landed in the port of Bonifacio to reach the extra-urban road there will be a climb with an incredible slope … it will be 20% !! Is my Daimler going to climb these 200 meters with 2 adults, 3 small children on board and the trunk full of luggage and food for 10 days?

It will. Auto or manual?


Well then. Don’t stop (if you need to, stay on the foot brake) and if it’s a sudden transition to flat have the wife get out and make sure you’re not hitting the ground. The transition to flat is the main worry.

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Depends how much you eat.
Don’t forget that Daimler is designed for Britons, mostly people living on takeaway junk food and benefits, without foodbank in their car boots.

On the other hand… 10 days of feast directly from your boot suggests that you like canned food with fuel smell sauce, going to expedition deep beyond the border of civilization or you’re tight on money like the people running their cars through the entire city to pay discounted washing up liquid. If so, I suggest to sell your banger and buy Ford Transit :wink:

Make sure you have max oil level in your engine. Same with the gearbox (don’t bother if you have too much - the excess will flow throught the transmission’s top vent). And functional handbrake.

Are you sure you meant 20%? It’s rather normal thing, 20 degrees is a different thing…

Engine oil will not be a problem and I’m pretty sure it will take the heat, too. The problem I see is the transition to flat with our long low cars, fully loaded.
The handbrake will not do well on a really steep incline so never rely on it and the park position, keep you foot on the brake and never turn the car off; ideally don’t ever stop. But it will go up no problem, you’ll see.

Remember not to have the transmission at near stall speeds for too long - 15s will be okay but not much more as the heat has to go somewhere. Again, the Daimler will go up easily. Take a video the first time :grimacing:

Overfilling the automatic transmission is the dumbest advice I’ve read today, and I’ve been reading some pretty dumb stuff. (Not directed at you davidsxj6)

Agreed. Had a fellow club member here with a 1977 XJ6C and the BW66 transmission spit out fluid, not sure if it was overfilled or not, but it got on the cat converter caught fire and that was the end of that car.

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So … with us the slopes are indicated with these signs as a percentage, mine is a climb that shows 20% x … in the trunk of course (being an Italian away to France) there will be clothes for 10 days of the best brands (I have a very young, beautiful, spoiled wife and 3 pestiferous children); then since it is a gampling I will have my bungalow facing the sea and I will have to cook then I will transport kilos of spaghetti and milk in industrial quantities, water and long-life provisions, all of high quality and well sealed … I do not waste petrol looking for a discount with a car that does 8km with a liter! Being then of the idea that this car was born for long distances, what is the point of owning it to look at it in the garage or have it run 100 meters on Sunday? For this I am completely restoring it … I opended the 6 cylinder and overhauled, alternator, engine started, cooling system, suspension, brakes, handbrake, fuel pump, tank, transmission, steering box, and hundreds of other things between aesthetics, electricity and mechanics that I no longer remember … obviously after 34 years there are always things to do, but between now and August I still have 7 months to invest in the vehicle … In any case, the level of liquids will be normal and in the trunk I will find space for engine oil, coolant, driving and transmission oil … you never know. let’s say that I should reach 250/300 kilos between people and things … we are all thin.

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