The oil line from the XJ using in the XK direct from oil filter, maybe better

(Frank Lupker) #1

Hello guys, I am working on my old engine from the XJ6, to restore it. Went broke standing long time in garage and using additive (Slick 50)in the oil, oil line blocked and valve in piston.
Also working on my e type body, just now. So I was wondering about the oil line of the XJ, because it comes straight from the oil filter, so the cams are not so loud.
Isn’t a good idea to install this oil line direct from the filter in the XK engine?
When I looked at Youtube and they starting the engine, I heard a loud ticking from the camshaft, that isn’t nice.
Please comment.

(David Jauch) #2

What loud ticking on YouTube?
Really loud ticking screams tappet guides. More clattering can be valve clearances. Or injectors ticking if injected, but I think you have a 3.4?
You did check these factors of course. I imagine that there must be a serious lack of oil to make the valvetrain that loud. How about the bottom end? Exhaust leaks, piston slap, many possibilities. How is the oil pressure - is oil splashing at the cams?
I don’t think that the difference is big, there must be other reasons… the oil gallery should be full of oil always; so I see it as a hydraulic system and the oil should arrive quickly; also it would probably fill the main gallery first. In the older engines things worked just fine. Maybe there is a lack of oil when the filter is new and things had time to drain extremely… now if you have all the parts it’s probably easier to leave things as they are. I don’t have the experience, just the guesses.

(PeterCrespin) #3

If you have the choice, fit the later feed line. More oil washing over the cam gear takes heat away from vulnerable exhaust tappet guides (although even those were rare while the E-Type was in production).

(Frank Lupker) #4

Hi David, yes loud ticking of cams and followers, every time those e type’s starts and are running, so they(Coventry Jaguar factory) told us the XJ is better and quiet with the camshaft and followers because the oil line is straight from the oil filter housing. This idea I have fore a long time and I have those line’s.
However the back of the cams of the XK is different, so I don’t know if really helps.
Greetings Frank.

(Frank Lupker) #5

O, Peter, that’s nice to hear, yes I have a few of these line’s and oil filter housing, I only wondering if it really helps, because on the back of XK camshaft’s, is a little different.
Thank you for your wise dome .

(67 OTS mailed check Patron) #6

For all of us running an XJ6 block, we have had to find an XJ6 cam feed line since the XJ6 block does not have the oil feed on the exhaust side. I’ve seen flex lines for XKE blocks and have requested that the vendor consider making up flex lines from the oil filter block to the cams since used XJ6 lines may be susceptible to leaks.