The old ABS Stability Control failure...with twist

Hi, this is a variation of this old problem.

My car sits in the garage for most of the time. Its a 97XK8 convertible with 70k miles. I know these cars dont like sitting… but thats the way it is.

When I take it out, start it from cold, i always get engine light, ABS and traction fail. Always. However, I then drive it and after quite some time, say 25 miles, and usually after a stop and start, the ABS/traction comes back to life, and a little while later, the engine light goes out. Sometimes it will take a couple of days driving for this to happen. But once it does, I am Ok for any and all stop starts until I let the car get cold again. Then its back to square 1… The code it throws is for right side rear ABS sensor lead failure.

i have done the following

  1. Had the module solder repair some years ago, and rechecked recently. All good.
  2. New Battery and fully charged.
  3. Swapped the rear wiring harnesses left to right to see if the problem moved with it. It did not.

Any ideas please?


I think that the next thing I would do is to change the wheel sensor itself. They can be very mischievous and they are not very expensive.

Thanks Eric will give it a try. cheers