The saga continues... 140 RHD handbrake lever

I doubt many will have experienced this problem, but here goes anyway:

I’ve converted my 140DHC from LHD to RHD. I have a new RHD handbrake lever, which fits nicely on the tunnel, and the handbrake itself works perfectly. As the car is off to the trimmer next week, I’m fitting the front wooden floors and the new metal gearbox cover. With the handbrake lever on the LH side of the car (correct for RHD), it clobbers the gearbox cover when I release the handbrake. Can anyone advise on the fix for this? I still have the tatty old metal cover, and it’s exactly the same. Should I:
1 - cut, fold and reweld the gearbox cover to clear the handbrake lever,
2 - space the handbrake lever further out from the tunnel to give more clearance (although this might get in the way of the LH seat), or
3 - loosen the hand brake cable so that in the ‘off’ position it can sit higher, away from the carpet, which isn’t there yet? This might be problematic, in that I have converted to a fly-off ratchet so the lever will not ‘park’ on the ratchet.
Photo of present ‘off’ and ‘on’ positions attached. Maybe it’s too low…

Thanks for your thoughts,

Looking at the handbrake on my XK140 FHC LHD.
I notice that in the released position the is almost as high as your on position.

Thanks Peter,
Yes, I’ve been looking at as many photos as I can find and I think I need to adjust the cable to allow the lever to rest on the carpet in the off position, and sit more vertical in the on position. Love your interior colour, that’s what I’m planning. Do you not have a centre armrest between the seats in the FHC?

Here is my arm rest I made myself, not completely done yet. Rear is not finished.