The smoke got out! Climate control stopped working

91’ XJ6. Saw a puff of smoke from glove box and the blowers stopped working, climate control panel went dead. Fuses are ok.
Took out the glove box and looked for signs of overheating/burning and can’t find a thing. Checked the “radio-A/C” relay and it is good.
I see mention of another relay that might be the culprit, under the “XJ40” headings, but I don’t know if this car would have that one. The Haynes wiring diagrams don’t seem to match my car unless I use one for a later (I think it’s '93) model, because they don’t show the climate control CPU which I can see I have.
The radio has never worked since I got the car, but I never bothered to fix it.

This is a lovely car, but no A/C when it’s 95F robs it of some beauty!
Any suggestions?

Hi Solarboy, (we do use real names here BTW)
I assume your car is the XJ40 or do you have a S111 V12?

I took the liberty to move it to the XJ40 list in the meantime. If it is a S111 just use the pen icon on the heading to move it back to the XJ list.

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Thank you, Robin!
I’m slowly coming to understand why the XJ6 is “also” an XJ40.
I’ve been a member of this forum for so long…that when I first signed up, I was using my AOL screen-name. At that time, I had a 63’ MK2. A few years back, I got this 91’ and haven’t had much problem with it…so when I did, I found the forum and logged in with my old screen-name.
But to introduce myself, I’m Ed, and I live in Northern Wisconsin, USA.
Glad you folks are here!

I’ve made some progress.
As I said in the original post, I was driving, saw smoke coming from the glove-box, and the climate control went dead, with no blowers.
The radio has never worked, so I wasn’t surprised to find a blown fuse at C1. I didn’t think that was related to the climate control, so I made a few assumptions (that were wrong!)
I put a new fuse in, and did a lot of troubleshooting, with the battery disconnected, or connected and ignition on for short periods.
I found 12V at the AC/Radio relay, and on the light green/orange wire to the climate control at terminal #1. One helpful thread told me I should have 12V at terminal #12 with the ignition on, and that was required to power the climate control panel.
While fumbling around with a test light, trying to read #12, smoke started coming from the radio (which I had partially removed, so it was obvious where it was coming from) and the fuse blew. It didn’t show up sooner because I’d just turn the ignition on for a few seconds for a test, but that time I had it on for a lot longer…long enough for the radio fault to heat up, smoke and blow the fuse.
I disconnected the radio, put in a new fuse…and the climate control panel lit up, and everything works.
I’m guessing that the smoke from the radio just happened to come out of the glove-box, due to whatever air currents were moving under the dash.

I feel a combination of relieved and humbled. It was “that” simple.

Thanks for all the archives, forum questions/answers and more. I spent about 3 hours reading pertinent posts and learned a lot about this system.