The ultimate clock

This is what to do with your old fan


Don’t add a second hand, that may be too much for the fan and it will crack up.


What model of our favorite brand had that part?

XJ40, XJS …usually on the verge of cracking, just had to add some verbiage to get around the sites requirements for words.

That is very cool !!

Yes, especially as that then would be the third hand :rofl:


Xjs see my post on change of fan

I can see that your ideas are environmentally friendly.
Now we’re waiting for paperweight made out of v12 block…


Ash tray out of piston…

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I saw once where someone made coffee table out of engine block

Sacrilege Jim & the asking price for these coffee table engine blocks in the U.K. is upwards of $1,000

I suppose if you were to pay $2000.00 you could get an old slightly used XJ-S , then you could yard out the V-12 yourself, clean up the block and add a 1/4” plate glass top for a coffee table.
Maybe the beauty would be lump the car out or sell it as a parts car!

I was once reading up on some very early engines and learned that the only evidence that one particular engine ever existed was that one was made into a coffee table.

I agree Andy.
Another sacrilege was someone once took the back-end of an XJS and converted the boot into a BBQ grill. Have seen pix of the same approach with other cars as well.

Scrimbonator, I think you need to start a website or Ebay store selling such unique, Jag-related gifts . :wink:

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I am curious about something - did Jaguar eventually throw in the towel themselves re: the yellow fans and switch (i.e. “upgrade”) to the black version on their own at some point during production of the XJS model? :confused: I ask b/c the other day I noticed Superblue does have a black fan … :open_mouth: don’t know why I never noticed that until recently …

I think they did. The black fan that we put into our older XJS’s is i think the same one used on newer XJS’s like your superblue.

Probably Ford - “Why are you still using plastic from the 1950’s?!”

I wonder does the black fan move more air since the configuration is slightly different

Hmmmm, I never noticed that before. In what way? They do have the same # of blades (11, IIRC) … Is one more “angled” than with the other fan? :confused:

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They are spaced apart of differently