There is very little posts on the MK2 , will be less now!

You try and make constructive suggestions to help people out , and you get this back

A suggestion from someone with no engineering knowledge and has no right to be here.

Only had my car 40 years , but what do I know , will let you all get on with it !!

Ian, I have no idea what happened there, but I tell You - I would really apreciate Your very practical & logical ideas and suggestions since my day 1 here. It’s up to creator to decide whether to put them to life, modify or discard as absurd.
Some say our Covid-19 time is all about purposeful destroying human social interaction. Perhaps they (whoever ‘they’ are) sometimes succeed. But please, don’t let them progress with this sick idea.
Social media is destined to hurt people and I think each one should do his best to avoid doing it.
But sometimes we fail…

Ian - I have read many of your posts and I have found them to be very helpful and interesting. I don’t know what you posted which upset Tigger so much but please don’t be put off by his over-the-top reaction.

It doesn’t matter what one individual thinks; you can’t please all the people all the time.

Please keep up the good work :smile:

Ian , keep going…I don know what happened either, but the virus has left many without humor or the ability to hear both sides.
Its kill or be killed.
I left work early as it was the same.
Its not this sight, its everywhere.

I interpreted Tigger’s comment to be a self-deprecating description of himself or herself. (who can guess when people don’t give their names)?

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Drive on till the next tragedy

I would suggest that the person who wrote that was referring to himself, not any of the previous posters. Not everything is a slight, Ian.

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I always enjoyed your technical posts, without owning a MK2

its easy for misunderstandings to arise over posts

I just carry on…

hope you do to, but if you no longer enjoy it, thats when I remember the list of tasks outstanding

I agree with @Nick - @Tigger was referring to himself about the no engineering knowledge comment.

Come on back @residentalien - we’re all here for the same reason!


I went back to read the comment by Tigger and also interpret it to be a reference to himself. I am not a mark 2 owner but have always enjoyed reading your posts Ian. It would be a shame to see you go.

Hi Ian,
I have posted in the suspension thread as below, and have also messaged you via Facebook.

The person with no knowledge I was referring to was me.

I have told you before how impressed I am with your mechanical knowledge and work. I am a dunce compared to you and was making an uninformed suggestion as to the original question. I am very sorry my poor wording / phrasing led to such a misunderstanding. With hindsight it should have read more like ‘speaking as someone with no engineering knowledge and has no right to be here I make the following suggestion…

So as to be clear, please accept my sincere apologies and assurance this was not directed at you.


Love conquers all!
See no key board commandos in the Mark 2 section!

Yes thank you Tigger , I just miss read it :+1: