There's a hole in my data plate

Found another one, on BAT. The hole is in the same place as mine (see original post). This one is on a December '52 build. This one, like mine, seems to have no purpose.

I find it hard to think that from December '52 to March '53 (mine) they didn’t look at that and think…“we really should move that hole instead of buggering the data plate”.

Another drilled data 1952

Apparently eventually they did.

Didn’t we figure out that it was for a windshield washer hose?

Yep for window washers hole was already punched in firewall applies to rhd and lhd cars

I just wonder who made the decision to schmuck up data plates instead of simply drilling a new hole?

I’ve decided to leave it schmucked as it’s part of the car’s history and is apparently ‘correct’, but anyone seeing it would have to wonder why I didn’t bother to correct the defect.

That’s their problem, Mitch. Originality is everything!* Luckily it’s not an issue on RHD cars.

*in my opinion, I should stress

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