There's something better than Red Line MT90

For all my different cars, Redline MT90 has always been touted on the forums as the gold standard for manual gearboxes. So many real world stories of better shifting after switching to MT90. And I had good results.

But I can confidently claim from my real world experience in multiple cars that there is something even better than MT90, and I have switched all my cars to this oil as a result:

Ford XT-M5-QS Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid

Just put it in the 4.2L, and the whirring noise I had with the transmission in neutral and the clutch out went away. Plus the shifting is just that little a bit better.

On my Lambo, the cold shifting was much improved with Ford XT, and I tried 6 different oils in that gearbox before determining the Ford oil was the best.


Might hafta give it s whirl, in the Rover!

How did you come to try this?

The Miata crowd discovered it years ago, many there swear by it. I had it in my 95 Miata. It made an already sweet shifting gear box just a bit better.

I not saying it isn’t good oil… but Forums are places where some are always searching for something better (and believe they have found it).

On the VW forum Redline was the hot ticket for more than a decade but now the mood has changed and Swepco is the new darling.

Anecdotal evidence can be interesting and useful but I’ll stay with Redline in the E and the V-Dub for now.

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How did you come to try this?

I was searching and ordering all kinds of gearbox fluids to see what would improved the shifting of my Lamborghini. I tested them all and the Ford fluid was the best. Then I decided to try it in the Lotus Esprit and the E-Type. All of them had Red Line before and the Ford made them all better.

Other friends have since switched and reported back to me that the Ford XT was an upgrade in shifting over the Red Line.

As I said before, Red Line MT90 is a good oil and makes most gearboxes shift better than other stuff, but it’s definitely #2 to the Ford XT.

Can you expand a bit on better performance by using the Ford XT? How is it better for a transmission not in need of repair or refurbishment?

If I’m not mistaken, only the Moss box specifies SAE30…the fully synchronized box calls for 80w-90, no?

I looked up the specs for the Ford oil and for a couple others. The viscosity index of the Ford oil is very good. The Ford oil changes viscosity less with temperature than anything else I could find specs for in a quick search.

Tim, it’s mainly shift feel. It can improve cold shifting, which is an issue with some gearboxes like my Lamborghini, whether they are in like new condition or not. The gearboxes also shift smoother when warm. This effect usually from an oil that makes the synchro’s in a gearbox work better.

In the case of my E-Type, the gearbox definitely sounds less noisy with the Ford XT.

Don’t get confused that I am claiming Ford XT is some kind of gearbox “restorer” that somehow magically fixes worn out gearboxes, it just makes gearboxes shifter smoother than other fluids I have tried.

Definitely check that you are using the right fluid in your box. That wouldn’t be good if you are putting the wrong weight and spec in your car.

Les Halls. . . are you reading this? :grinning:

Les Halls. . . are you reading this?

Yes I am John!

I found this at Rock Auto for $16.07

Ahhhh – -- – found what for $16.07?

he found the ford motorcraft trans oil on rockauto, as did i.
i purchased two qrts. good deal.

I have been very pleased with Amsoil Transmission fluid