Thing in oil pan

Any idea what this thing I found in the oil pan is?

Pulled pan to get better access to flywheel bolts.

Was surprised by amount of sludge, but perhaps the car sat.

No know mechanical issues with engine. Needs a transmission though!

Did a Google lens search. It is very similar to many automatic transmission shift parts. Seems to me closest match had to do with reverse.

Is it possible it fell into the pan when you pulled the pan off?

No chance. It was well wedged under the oil pickup bowl. There was mere seconds between removing the pan and seeing it. I didn’t even put the pan down.

I’m thinking someone (me?) dropped something in when the valve covers were off. If it was link out of the timing chain, it sure can’t be part of the current timing chain! The oil pump is just a big gear right? Couldn’t be from there.

The big bolt that secures the transmission end driveshaft yoke to the transmission internals was fully backed off and just chilling out inside the yoke lolz.

Is this crap ever straight forward?

Blew it up…. That has to be a very worn duplex timing chain link.

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OMG. I think you are right. How did this happen? PO replaced the chain and dropped it?

I suppose if you didn’t have master links in the old and new chains then you’d have to push out a linking pin in the old chain to be able to roll a new chain in.
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