Things that make an e-type go zoom

I dunno - I drove my race car (a coupe) at 145 mph routinely, in all kinds of conditions, read high winds in particular, and it never felt uneasy, unsafe or too light on it’s feet. Just saying this because I think it’s possible to overestimate the effect of lift at speed. The stock suspension on an E Type is too soft for speeds like this, in particular if you are not used to it. The suspension needs to move much faster (and will move further ) at speed, and in stock form will over react to imperfections in the road causing a feeling of instability. We used much harder suspensions racing which at high speed feel like a stock suspension feels at low speeds - it seems to soften up - so much additional energy going into it.

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I have a late production '71 series II OTS. I can readily do 80 - 90 with very solid footing. Standard suspension set-up with modern tires. I have gone north of 100 mph but not for long duration.

I agree. once I replaced my 20 year old Michelins my mostly original suspension 69 S2 hits 80+ with ease. I may have cracked 90 a time or two, but the biggest limiting factor for me is that I have original gearing, including the 3.54 rear end, so for me the motor is getting a bit wound up to spend a lot of time that fast. besides. I would never condone exceeding the speed limit!!

Bob F

Well… we can agree to disagree. I’ve driven a few cars in excess of 120 MPH, and the E was the first one to make me say “Whoooa, easy” when I hit only 120 on a test drive.

Adding that very small spoiler under the bonnet makes a tremendous difference. I prefer to feel the front end firmly on the ground at that speed.


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

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The original post indicated the car started to feel unstable at 70-75, and stated, “[I’m] definitely not feeling like I’m going to see the high side of 80 for quite some time.” My comments were in regard to that, not taking the car to its upper limits. I rarely take the car much over 100, and then not for long, but it always feels planted.

On a recent trip I hit 95 and no signs of looseness. An S3 mind you with a V12 in front.
BTW, My understanding is that the V12 all aluminum engine weighs about the same as the iron block XK engine ?

In another thread, the esteemed Mr. Dick Maury said something to the effect: “If you haven’t driven a E with a proper wheel alignment, you haven’t experienced the car to its fullest”.
I think I’ll work towards covering that basic. Now how to get the E to (and thru) Atlanta and to CW is the next challenge.

I wonder if the air scoop beneath the nose of a V12 Etype has some air dam effect at speed. The configuration suggests that it probably does.

As likely, it may: hard to tell without a proper air flow study.

Voila: E Type aerodynamics -

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I think the info is in the Heynes .
/ Hassan papers somewhere.

Really interesting. Now I know how the little spoiler I put at the bottom of the bonnet changes the airflow.


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

Physicist Niels Bohr

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Gives the reasons why coupes are the best! Looks and aerodynamics.


Lloyd, could you post a picture if your chin spoiler? I am very interested in this idea.


Interesting video but flawed. The shape of the roof on that home botched coupe model is wrong. Looks like a 911…

Instead of comparing a 1960 car to a Prius, it would have been more interesting to compare a few cars of the era incl Aston, Ferrari and Corvette.

To many self appointed experts on your tube trying to build a following to cash in

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I didn’t need a wind tunnel video to know the coupe has better aerodynamics than the OTS.

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I just went ??? and the convertible top starts to rise w/o a tonneau. To the point where the rear view mirror becomes useless.

  1. FHC owners please guess that speed.
  2. PS. Don’t need no stinkin wind tunnel!
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Could it be that all that turbulence with the OTS creates less lift at speed? Isn’t the wind in your hair and the sun on your face part of the point?

Hello Bill, from a fellow Vermonter. Perhaps we are the only two E Type owners in the state? I too was out doing some semi spirited driving, which has not been often in this cold, rainy and generally miserable Vermont spring. I too have noticed some handling issues at speed, which I would describe in technical terms as “squirrelly”. In checking the steering rack mounts the rack movement is constrained by the safety stops, which I am pretty sure is not desirable. In studying the rack mounting and the service manual it appears that the radiator has to be removed in order to replace the mounts. Has anyone replaced them without removing the radiator?


Bottom line: if you have an E, and it’s handling is “squirreley” under 110-120 mph, ***something is wrong with the set-up, and NOT the basic design.

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