Things to look out for when buying an XKR

(John Mann) #1

Hi All,

This is my first visit to the X150 forum, as I jump across and between the E-type, XJ and here.
Today I went to have a look at a 2007 XKR Portfolio, which I contiplating. It has done 70,000km and appears in reasonable condition, but does need some cosmetic attention. (Eg. front and rear bars painted and all wheels need to be repaired as they all have gutter rash).
I’m just wondering if there is anything in particular one should look out for and are there any known issues with this model?
I would have ideally liked a 5.0 litre version, but they are still a bit beyond my budget.
Anyway, look forward to hearing back from this learned group, with your thoughts and any first hand knowledge.


(Tony Koschinsky ) #2

Hmmm. Where to start.
Check that the carpet in the passenger footwell isn’t wet. If it is, the dreaded “duckbill” condensation drain isn’t draining and it is a bear to get at on the XKR. Check that the doorlocks lock and unlock as they should. Sometimes a microswitch fails and odd things happen. The soft opening on the glove box door is often broken so that the door opens with a bang that can break the hinges. Check for seepage around the differential output seals. The AM band on the radio probably won’t work. If it passes all of these, you’ve found a particularly good one. Buy it, pull fuse #19, and enjoy!


(John Mann) #3

Thanks Tony,
Nothing really serious by the sound of it there. :thinking: pull fuse #19 ??


Pulling fuse19 will default the active exhaust valves to fully open permanently thereby giving you a louder growl at lower revs.:grinning:

(John Mann) #5

:scream: from what year did that occur?


All XKR’s in the X150 range.

(Brett) #7

This is good advice. I’ve just begun to entertain the idea of a replacement vehicle for my daily driver, and these cars are definitely a possibility. Thanks for the suggestions.

(Phil.Dobson) #8

be very aware that if the car has these 6 pot brakes they can seize solid. I bought this car, which was low milage without driving it. Whilst it had an MOT I wasn’t happy with the brakes so thought I would simply change the pads. I couldn’t even get the old onrd out as most of the pistons were seized. Its a known issue but the manufacturer won’t help. Jaguar reverted to their own system on later cars. it was a costly experience.

(John Mann) #9

:scream: Oh goodness. Thanks for the heads up on that, but I hope that they are all good as it has just had new pads and rotors installed and seems to brake well. Anyway, it’s getting detailed now and I’ll be picking it up next week.
Feeling just a little bit excited. :grinning:

(Phil.Dobson) #10

Ive had many many jaguars over the years and can honestly say the XKR is just the best. Ive had a couple now. Simply stunning motor cars for the money.
enjoy it

(Paul Wigton) #11

What’s the cause of the seizures?

(Phil.Dobson) #12

Galvanic corrosion between pitons and caliper body once moisture sits under the seals. dissimilar materials is another description… Same old issue.

"Common problems in the Alcon XKR brakes include seized pistons due to the plated material they are made from and the thin cast which holds the wiper seal in place cracking and sometimes breaking away completely. "

Just google Jaguar Alcon callipers

(John Mann) #13

Well, thanks everyone for your feedback. I picked up my 2007 XKR Portfolio yesterday with 70,000km on the clock. It’s had a bit of work done to it to rectify various items that would typically need attention, including miscellaneous suspension items, new Alcon rotors front and back, tyres, etc…
Drove it home quite sedately and will need to get used to the sensitivity of that right pedal as tempting as it is to get to hear that intoxicating exhaust and the whir of that glorious supercharger. :smirk:
Couple of things that are a disappointment though;
i) there is a slight front brake shudder at times. Can’t be the new rotors, so I’m not sure what that may be attributed to?
ii) the Cremona wheels had to be refurbished, but they didn’t manage to get the correct finish, being a shadow chrome. Having said that, I had contacted several wheel refurbishment places here in Australia and non could do that finish. Would like to get that fixed, but where?
Really love the look and feel of this sweety!

(Paul Wigton) #14

Were the brake pads broken in, correctly?

(John Mann) #15

Probably not. What is the correct procedure? I think the pads were replaced around 2,000km ago but the discs were only replaced recently.

Problem found to be front brake pads. Although these were only around 20% worn, they were not effectively matched to the new discs that were installed, so replacing them resolved the brake shudder.
The remaining vibration was identified as being an out of round wheel! Hopefully, this can be re-spun and fixed.