Thinking about buying a 2000 xj8 vanden plas

There’s this jag I’m planning on checking out, I don’t know much about jaguars but I’ve heard that if you take care of them and know what you’re doing they’re pretty reliable but parts can be really expensive.
So I was wondering what should I be looking for when I go see it? anything that can be a sign of a future problem stuff like that and is it any good as a daily driver?

From the pictures it looks in good condition, 114,629 miles and the only problems are power steering pump leak and the rear seat heating not working according to the seller.

2000 or later are a good year to buy.

Headliners do sag on these. You shouldn’t reject a car for this.

You may want to have the chain tensioners replaced with metal if they haven’t already be done

Alright, thanks for the tips