Thinking of buying an F type manual trans

Thinking of buying an F type manual trans. I have been looking at F type manual transmission cars yeah of which they do not appear to be many. I was wondering if a 2019 version is an improvement over the 2016 version. I was also wondering if the S version is that much better than the base model. They appear to be even harder to find.I also own a sherries one each type and thought an F would be a good stablemate. Any input would be greatly appreciate it.

Just check which ‘upgrade’ the clutch has had if any, on the ‘other’ forum there was quite a bit of back and forward regarding the clutch going through a few upgrades.

I believe the 2019 is the last year of the manual so I would assume it has the upgrades there were

The 4th gen clutch part no. is T2R27466. The 2017 manual I have now has this version. When I bought the car, October of 2020, the selling dealer knew that the clutch was gone and replaced it… upfront about it. Don’t know if there is a 5th gen. I have about 5000 miles on this clutch with no issues so far. The clutch saga is on F forums. The clutch failure stories range from owners who never even got home from the dealer after buying a new one, to early failures with some mileage, but not much. I was a bit unsettled seeing that a 3 year old car with 26,000 miles needed a new clutch, but the selling dealer provided a limited warranty. Although I THOUGHT I did my due diligence researching Fs before buying, the clutch issue escaped me. It wasn’t until after I got the car home that I found it.

I found a car I was really interested in that Carmax has but because it is in California they will not sell it to me because I don’t live in California. Go figure that one out