Thinking of selling my 1966 3.8S

I have way too much on my plate after moving to a new home. I am thinking of selling the jag. I’ve done all the wood, all the leather (with a reputable brit supplier’s kit), headliner and door cards, refreshed tanks and have new pumps, carbs appear to be rebuilt (no gum. shiny brass and casting), But . . . engine is free but not running. BW trans is there but intermediate speed hold solenoid is toast. Most of the chrome is good but front bumper needs redoing. Practically, it could be called a partial basket case. Etc., etc. Payed 5K. After checking Youtube vid, what IYHO is it worth?

Welcome to the forum Stuart. In case you aren’t aware this is a world wide forum so knowing where you are based would be a great help in supplying answers.

Ooops! Been so long since I used this forum I guess my profile info got wiped. Fixed that. FYI, California car now in Arizona, zero rust (really), new carpet, set of Dayton bolt on wires on the shelf waiting along with other extra parts.

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Register your ‘S’-type on our website at Our world wide members can advise you and you can list on our Forum as ‘for sale’

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Hi: I sold my '66 S type several years ago for $11 k to some one who took it to San Francisco and who resold it for $18k. Mine was in decent original unmolested condition with 120k miles, wire wheels, MOD and it ran fine. The motor was a little tired and the clutch master cylinder started leaking the day of sale.
Do get yours running if you can, that makes a big difference. Of course when you get it running you will want to keep it, so be careful.

thanks. yeah, selling a loved car can be a bitch. I’ll never stop kicking myself for letting this go:


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