This car is an underrated gem

First, it’s not a Ford…the platform they used was heavily modified by the Jaguar engineers who also engineered the suspension and …well, everything else.

So what if the switches are from Ford? they still work…and to look at some of these minor details and say “It’s a Ford” is the same logic that’s…well, I don’t want to get into politics.

The back end had to adhere to regulations so they did the best they could with it…I like it…and the front is so cool…especially on a car that performs like this one…people just don’t expect to see what this car can do…I love that aspect of it…no other car does this really…it just makes it look even cooler…

Mine is the 4.0…which makes this awesome sort of whistling sound when it’s humming along. This V8 has plenty of power with “only” 281 hp.

Is it a sports car or a sedan? sometimes I cannot tell.

I love the S-Type!
However, if I buy one again it would be the 2000-2002 with the 4.0 because I prefer the look of the interior layout.
Gorgeous cars and follows the classic predecessors lines very well.

And a cat lover too! This S Type doesn’t get the respect it deserves if you ask me.

Another aspect of this S Type!!! that gets overlooked is the perfect weight distribution …a huge factor in this car’s impeccable handling…

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I just noticed that the wheels on my S Type are designed to look like the cylinders in the V12…lol…that is so cool! Talk about a really cool touch…kind of a nice accent and very British!

I couldn’t agree more. I love mine. Nothing in the showrooms for the last 10 years appeals to me like the S-Type. Mine has 234,000 miles and is running fine.

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Awesome…is yours a V8 or V6?

I dont understand why people take cars out of context for their time…
The S TYPE was and is still a wonderful car!
It filled another retro gap when they were rebuilding .
My mom had the maroon with saddle interior after the x308 and x300.
She started to downsize at that time.
Yes some extra plastic and parts bins from Ford and others , WHO CARES, It wasnt a DB7 or Rolls.
Well this is coming from me…Had them all, have them all, ALL JAGS ARE SPECIAL!
History lesson…
I was very friendly with Jaguar and Ford at the time as is now.
The S TYPE was based off the Lincoln LS platform…
At the board meetings the Ford guys said the Jag was a waist of time and the Lincoln will out sell it 10 times over.
Well…The S TYPE blew away the Lincoln , NO ONE HAS OR WANTS A 2001 LINCOLN LS?
Another American junk box. The Jag has now become a collectors car, They are fun for the money and style.

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I’ve never driven a car that responds to aggressive driving like a Jag does…they just come to life…

Wasn’t it Lyons that said…
The closest thing to a living being is a Jaguar?

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