This just popped up on local FB Marketplace

“Pretty rough” would be an understatement, but thought it might have some usable parts for someone.
You can view all of the photos by searching FB Marketplace for Wilmington, NC and type in Jaguar Frame. I am in no way affiliated with this item or it’s owner. Just saw it on FB and thought I’d share for others.

Tube shocks… 150?

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Wonder how many requests the seller will get for the Opel GT…:nerd_face:

Probably not much. This is in an area of eastern NC that floods during hurricanes. Guessing there is not much left on the bottom of that Opel.

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I would say the rear axle might be salvageable, but I’ve seen them so rusted I scrapped them.

Thank God it’s faaaaarrr away…

It looks like it could be a 140 chassis to me. Pretty rough is too kind. I don’t see much worth salvaging except maybe the front and rear suspension parts. Amazingly, the tires are not bald. If they are cross ply, could someone want them for show purposes?

Do people want old tires for show purposes? You mean garage decorations, like gas pumps?

Here is a better photo of the Opel GT that was in the back ground. Owner said “ran when parked” :rofl:

That’ll buff out…


Lessee… We’ll need a windshield and rubber, seats, a door for sure, fresh battery, …get a pad and pencil and write this all down…

Gonna need more than one pad.


And when it was allllll done…it’d STILL be an Opel GT.

And I’d still bust my knuckles, closing the headlights.


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Early 140?
Discussed in " Steering axle question (XK140)" on April 5th
Info from Bob_K1:
"You have the (rare) early XK 140 steering rack Jaguar part number C.7100 as used until January 1955.

Xk 150 chassis, has disc brakes.

Correct 150, C.7100 is on the steeringhouse and not next to it. My eyes are getting old… :sunglasses:

Is any part of this chassis still available?

I’m interested in wheels and tires.

434 826-0570 Cell

I simply saw this on FB Marketplace and posted it here. I am not affiliated with with the seller or have any knowledge as to whether this chassis is still available.

I have the wheels (4 originals) and tires (1972-ish) that mine rolled in on. Located in western NC near AVL airport. Yours. I can’t ship these, rotator cuff surgery last week.

They could be re-spoked as the splines look pretty good and they’re fairly rust free.


Hope the rotator cuff rehab isn’t worse than the bad rotator cuff itself. Youngest son went through that and later fell on same shoulder and disrupted pins, etc.

If you have not sold the wheels and tires, I am mostly interested in a set of used tires to use while I get through a year long restoration. I maybe able to find you a buyer for the wheels.

If I can arrange to buy both from you, what are you asking and would you be willing to meet me in Greensboro for the exchange? You won’t have to lift anything in Greensboro.
That would save me an overnight trip.

Please let me know if you are interested

Jim White
Nellysford, VA