This just popped up

My guess is it won’t last long, I do not know nor do I have any connection to the seller. Just posting as an fyi.

It was a Reserve Not Met on bringatrailer in August. Probably worth reviewing the comments to get some more information…


This one has been for sale for a while; he was originally asking $115k

Yup, wrong again oh well. I went over to the BAT listing and watched the video where he drives it around. Sounds like some pretty scary noise coming from the drive train.

First post Thom? Welcome to the group!

WAY too much money for it’s condition in todays market. Jerry Moutons coupe, which was an order of magnitude nicer, went for only ~$95. A friend bough another equally nice one for under $90. Both had perfect paint, near perfect interiors, VERY solid, clean drivetrains, and NO rust anywhere.

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Yes, his car fit into a kind of specific category. This blue car is neither ‘fish nor foul’. Not really nice enough to leave as is and drive, but too nice to sell for ~ $40k. Made to order for a proper auction venue, as price may be the issue with cars that don’t fit clearly in a type.

Vertical video syndrome…WHY???