This may be my next project!

Have lots of LE parts , 2 gearboxes , but not all of a 200cc engine , but I do have a SUZUKI T250cc engine laying about ,
Just done a quick mock up to see if it would fit !
May be my winter project , :thinking:
Original engine is water cooled and shaft drive


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What was it, originally?

Police bike believe it or not.

I think the Police used them as they was so quite !
Have this lot of parts too
This is a early one , hand gearchange , and hand starter , the 2 leavers on the side !

What a cool project !!
And besides having superb lines, what makes it really special is the BMW style parallel mounted engine and driveshaft.
How will you connect the driveshaft with the Suzuki engine that is transversal ?

I do have a pair of wheels from a SUZUKI , front has a twin leading shoe set up , back is drum and chain !

Well it was quite straight forward to fit the SUZUKI swingarm and back wheel , just need to make and weld some brakets , to fit the Velocette shocks to the Suzuki swingarm

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Like Ikon Derelicts, you should just leave the paint as it is!

That’s the plan Paul , distressed look , may go with stainless steel nuts and bolts , not sure yet !
Looking at old tractor seats :scream: :thinking: :grin:

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Engine in the right place , just need to make some mounts .
Back will bolt on to the original gearbox mounting plate , front will be welded on to the original engine mounting bar at the front , so you just undo the bolts , and engine will drop out !


Well come across my first issue this afternoon , put the back sprocket on , with engine in the right place , chain needs to pass right in the path of the swingarm mounting point , just have to lower it down about 3 inches ,just a case of turning the mounting point around the other way !