This will keep me busy for a few weeks :-)

(Ian) #1


(Phil.Dobson) #2

hmmmm. what’s the plan?

(Paul M. Novak) #3

A little Simple Green and some new brake pads and you’ll be ready to reinstall them?


(Ian) #4

They have never been on a Jag , so not that simple Paul :neutral_face:

Plan is to clean them up , get the pistons out , strip them down , clean them up , drill some holes , paint them !

I have a old hub , so can trial fit them , sort some back calipers out !

Then when the Jag goes for a MOT Oct , will get them to do a brake reading print out , then change the calipers over do another brake test ,and see if it was all worth it :grin:

It’s cold and wet in the UK , so it gets me out and stops me watching TV , plus I enjoy doing such things :wrench::nut_and_bolt::gear::clamp:

(Andrew Waugh) #5

Perhaps it’s just the angle of the photo, but that looks like a caliper for vented discs. How wide is the gap?

Unless the parking brake mechanism mountings are hidden in that pic, you won’t be fitting it to the rear.

(Ian) #6

I did ask the question before he took them off the car , he said solid disc , it is a front caliper , I did say sort some back calipers out , ie , use front pistons , or xjs or series 3 xj6 !

(Ian) #7

S@*T , your right Andrew , they are for vented discs , just text the guy , he is giving me a full refund , they was only £30 , too good to be true , unless I can fit the vented discs to ?

(Andrew Waugh) #8

You can either fit vented disks, or if they are the early calipers you can split them, remove the spacers, fit new square o-rings and shorter bolts.

Then you can sell the spacers to someone wanting to upgrade to vented.

(Ian) #9

I guess the vented disks are not just a bolt on job ?

(Andrew Waugh) #10

I’m not sure about your car. I think your uprights have a smaller lug spacing for the Dunlop caliper mounts.

I looked at it for my S-Type, iirc it was a straightforward swap of the discs to the XJ vented.

£30 sounds pretty cheap for a set of rebuildable cores. I’d hang on to them - even if they won’t fit your uprights, you could keep an eye out for a set of uprights…

EDIT: The Brembo online catalog lets you search for discs by dimension, so it should be easy to check if you can get vented discs which will fit your hub.

(Ian) #11

Well they are free now , he just refunded me the full amount !

I will have to take some sizes off the jag disc , e bay is a good place to look for discs !

There is discs with all the sizes you need , just need to find the right one :sunglasses:


(Tigger) #12

You are all mechanically / technically well beyond me, but I fitted Wilwood 4 pot to the front on standard discs courtesy of a rather lovely bracket supplied by Team CJ.