Thread locker on tappet block socket head cap screws?

When I removed the fasteners for the tappet block, i noticed the socket head screws seemed unusually tight, like they had thread locker on them.

Looking at the threads after they were out it did seem like there was crud on them but I couldn’t if it was old threadlocker or not.

I haven’t noticed instruction in the ROM or Book advising use of threadlocker on these bolts.

Should Loctite (like 242) be used on reassembly?



Let’s ask another, Jeff… @Jeff_Schroeder!

I do not use anything on the bolts themselves, just make sure the mating surfaces are clinically clean and apply the bead of Locktite (I prefer 518) per Kirby’s book / the actual location of the sealant is important so that coverage seeps where it needs to go.


Thanks Jeff and Paul!

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To clarify, there is nothing wrong in using blue thread locker on those hex heads if it makes you feel more at ease. Have fun!

Properly torqued, do they ever come loose?

Shouldn’t - I’ve not had one do so.