Thread only partially displays

Anyone else having this issue? If I view a thread, earlier posts are visible, but later are blank (just white screen). The thread post count may show 24/67, along with a “back” button. Specific posts are in the XJ-S topic, Marelli 5speed, and another about mixing tire sizes. I have posted on both topics, if that makes a difference. Restarted my iPad with no difference.
Occasionally later posts will show as if they are loading, then disappear.

Yes I’m having the same problem used my desk top and it seemed fine but the iPad is useless


Please try reloading the site completely. That is, when on the main page of the forum, hit the reload button/icon in your browser (varies by browser). Do it twice, for good measure.

The point being to re-download the latest code from the server. The way the forum works, part of the work of displaying the site is being done by your browser, including fetching more posts as you scroll down a page.

If that doesn’t work, then please make sure you have all available updates for your iPad installed.


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I did as described and still have the same issue with the iPad; OS is current. The desktop works fine, so must be something with the software in the iPad. Planned obsolescence from Apple I guess.

Works fine for me, on my Android phone.

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A vote for the Android OS notebook.

FWIW - Also works fine on my Win10 laptop.

My suggestion would be to clear your browser cache and cookies, at least for anything in jag-lovers.orgs

Did all that and still have issue on iPad only, which is a couple of years old so probably planned (by Apple) obsolescence. Funny that I have no issue on other forums, including the MG Experience that has similar categories, posts, graphics.

On my iPhone 8, then 11, all works normally.

With the new software that Gunnar installed all is working great.

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