Throttle Body for 1989 XJS V12


1989 XJS Throttle Body Bushings, and Upgraded Exhaust

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I am the owner of a 1989 XJS, can anyone recommend, a Throttle Body Bushing kit and also, an upgraded exhaust system?

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Welcome Michael,

Fellow lister @John_John1 makes Throttle Body Bushings for the V12 that you can purchase.
I made my own from brass stock and there are some other bushings commercially available that you could modify to fit.
It has been discussed many times here, search the archives, same with upgrading th exhaust.

Not sure we’re talking about the same thing. The bushings from John_john1 are throttle linkage bushings, replacing rubber bushings at the rear corners of the engine. But on some applications wear in the throttle body itself proves a problem and causes vacuum leaks, so with some carbs and throttle bodies it helps to bore out the original openings for the butterfly shaft and press in some bushings to tighten up the fit. With the way this posting was worded, I presumed it was the pressed-in bushings that were being discussed – even though I have no recollection of anyone doing such work on a Jaguar V12 throttle body.

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I had to go new bushes fitted when my throttle bodies were re-bored and new plates were installed. But it was a voluntary decision, not a repair… :-))


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Thank you all for the great replies, yes, it is for the the rubber bushings in the throttle body at back end of engine, that are connected to the carb, the Bushings are all gone, need to be replaced, I will contact the referenced member for a new set,

Also, any details on a nice Exhaust system?

Thank you all very much, stay safe.


Make the bushings yourself using the pieces described in “The Book”. The aftermarket bushings commonly supplied are nearly impossible to install without significant modification. The ones Palm describes are easy to make and install with pieces from Lowes or Home Depot.

New to the group jal5678, what is “The Book” I too could use new rubber bushings.

The “Book”