Throttle Bushings

In the process of reassembly and ordered the rubber throttle body bushings (C34388) from a top tier supplier and while the id is correct at 5/16 the od of the inside of the channel around the circumference is too small, it should be 1/2 and it looks to be 7/16.
Checked the archives and read The Book and see that there are other solutions, however I have a bit of a stubborn streak sometimes and would at least like to know if anyone else has run into the same problem.
Checked with SNG (after the first supplier couldn’t solve it) and they are stumped as well.
Thanks for enabling my stubbornness.

I removed and replaced the throttle bushings in both of our V12 Jaguars because they were cracked an/or had sections missing. I tried the aftermarket ones offered by one of the major USA suppliers but the material was too hard and I could not get them to fit, even after I heated them up considerably with my heat gun to soften them up.

Then I purchased the OEM throttle bushings from the local Jaguar dealership. They were more expensive but they fit perfectly and went in much more easily. They were clearly made of a different material than the aftermarket ones. I still used my heat gun to soften the OEM bushings up to make installation easier.

A local friend with a V12 XJ-S had 1 cracked and 1 missing throttle bushing. I advised him to get the OEM bushings, he did, and he had no difficulty with installation.

BTW, when I did this I just loosened up those Torx screws at the rear of the intake manifold but did not remove them completely when I inserted the new bushings at the end of the spindle. I think this makes the OEM bushings installation easier and quicker.

I am like you and decided that the original throttle bushing design was fine and not worth my effort to “redesign the wheel”.


Thanks Paul!
I’m going to give the local Jag dealership a call.

whoa!! $46Cdn for the pair from the dealer
Unless someone else has had luck with another supplier, I think I will do a little “wheel reinventing”

Check this out… . Less than 1.50 USD each.

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Please write back with your results to close this out and to provide a Hansel and Gretal breadcrumb trail for others to follow.


Good choice, as the OEM rubber items are stupid, the engineer should have been ashamed. That location doesn’t call for rubber, it calls for a rigid or semi-rigid and very slippery bushing.

Hey John, you listening? Perhaps another spot where you could machine up some parts! In this case either nylon or bronze bushing material, 5/16" ID, 1/2" OD, flanged on one end with a snap ring groove on the other end, along with a suitable clip (perhaps just a wire clip) to fit the groove.

I just checked my records and I paid $7.39 each for those throttle bushings at the local Jaguar dealership in June 2018.

They were a lot more expensive than the aftermarket ones I purchased but when I could not get the aftermarket ones to fit, it was worth it to me to get the OEM ones. I put them on my 1990 V12 Vanden Plas that I compete in JCNA Champion Division Concours, so I could not use brass, nylon, or any of the other alternatives without concerns for authenticity deductions.


Sorry there is only a thumbnail on this photo album, but you get the idea.

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I had the same problem with the hard aftermarket bushings. I re-worked them a bit to fit…although I can’t remember at the moment what I did, exactly

The problem I need to solve…it’s on my list, at least…is wear and slop elsewhere in the linkage system, specifically but not exclusively with respect to items #5, 11, and 13 in the following illustration:


Yes indeed !
I made my own out of two brass bushings from an electric motor. Zero play and several years later still as good as new.


I suspect that if you trim most of the push-in lip off, it’ll make it easier – possible – to push them in. As long as you leave just enough that they don’t fall back out, they’ll stay put.

Yes I’m listening :wink: You mean something like this:

I didn’t like the idea of rubber bushings too so I made few proper ones :wink: there’s a snap ring on the other side so these can be installed easily.


You didn’t even bother with a flange on the back side. I guess it’s true, no point to it. So basically buy bronze bushing stock in 1/2" OD and 5/16" ID, cut a clip groove near one end, cut to length. Done. Probably not worth your skills.

Put some sets together and I’ll bet they sell out quickly.

thanks everyone
I followed up on a post in the archives (I think that’s where I saw it) and Bunting Bearings makes a brass sleeve with a flange that has the correct dimensions.
I just need to find a Cdn supplier or a US one that will ship here.
Normally I like to keep things original but I hear what everyone is saying about doing what one can to tighten up the linkage. That and the fact that I can’t find a supplier of the rubber type to fit what I’ve got.
Might also try some of the other suppliers on both sides of the pond.
I’ll close off when resolve it all.

Brass throttle bushings.
The black part is a press fit piece of semi-rigid hose to keep the bushing in place.

Yup, that looks like a nice tight solution that won’t get brittle or sloppy over time.