Throttle linkage measurements XK-140 SE OTS (left hand drive)

I would really appreciate it if someone with an XK-140 OTS (left hand drive) could provide me with the measurement for both the vertical and horizontal throttle linkage arms/rods. (I acquired my project with nearly everything on the firewall disassembled.) I don’t have access to my car body now as it is in the paint shop, so I cannot measure these areas. It would save me much time if I could narrow the choices of linkage arms. I realize there is some ability for minor adjustment. I have a number of linkage rods to chose from and I am attempting to get the two critical pieces prepared for when the body is returned. Can anybody help me? (…measure ball/socket to opposite end ball/socket) Thanks so much - in advance…

Tom A

It just so happens that I have a LHD XK140SE OTS, which I have access to. The length of the horizontal link is 15 3/4" ball-to-ball and 16 1/2" overall. The vertical link measures 12 1/2" ball-to-ball and 13 3/8" overall. This is as accurate as I can get it without disassembling the linkages, but should narrow down your choices a bit.

Thank you so much, that is awesome - exactly what I need. I have a variety of links among my 14 boxes
of parts and spares. I now see that I do have two links that are within 1/4" and 3/4" of the measurements you provided. I think that is well within the adjustment provided at the anchor points.
(other measurements are certainly appreciated as it may help with adjustment)
Thank you again, very much appreciated.
Tom A.
other measurements are certainly appreciated as it may help refine adjustments. Thanks