Throwaway Interior Trim

When I purchased my 1988 XJ-S last year, there was no headliner and all interior trim had been removed.

Since then, I’ve removed the passive seat belts and retrofitted three-point seatbelts from a mid-80s XJ-S.

Are these pieces now not needed, and can be thrown away? I know I’ll eventually need to buy some interior trim from a mid-80’s XJ-S.
Thanks for any info.

Why don’t you wait until you buy the interior trim you need? Put the interior together, make sure you’re happy with how it looks, then throw away the unneeded stuff?

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Clearing clutter in the garage, but yeah, I guess that’s the smartest thing to do, even though it will be a year or two until I get to interior restoration…

I’d be willing to bet someone somewhere would take it off your hands!

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I did the same conversion and listed the removed parts on JL classifieds as “free for postage” and they were wanted. My listing included the motors, tracks, and logic module though. I still have the B pillar pieces…

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