Ticking /knocking noise from engine

(Joe Goeke) #1

So yesterday I started the car and it was clanking really bad. I got oil and filled it up was 2 qts low somehow. No leaks. Anyways I added the oil and today I was driving the car and around 2-3k rpms I started hearing ticking but not like the day before.

Is the engine timing chains clanking/rattling? AJ6 motor 3.6 the oil pressure shows normal range. I really don’t want to keep putting money into this thing. Any help appreciated.

(Gordon) #2

Joe, is your Jag regularly serviced? Just wondering if there is no oil leaks and it needed 2 quarts it must be using it, what’s the odometer read.

(Joe Goeke) #3

It actually sat in my garage for a year , it was started regularly and it was serviced right before I bought it a year ago. Engine always was a bit noisy on start up but once it was warm it was fine. Mileage is 143k miles on an 89 Majestic

(Gordon) #4

Might want a good mechanic to check that one Joe, I had similar noises on my 96 4.0 ford,was just the hydraulic lifters needed replacing $70 parts, $150 labour.

(Joe Goeke) #5

Well unfortunately yesterday I was driving her up a steep hill engine was really struggling, I heard tick noise as rpms increased, then it wouldnt shift from 2nd to 3rd unless I let off the gas pedal. So I did it shifted then I hit the gas as heard loud pop. Car died and appears motor is seized up, no crank no start.

I guess it’s time to get rid of her the chassis is stupid clean interior very nice as well. Paint near perfect. 89 Majestic.

(Robin O'Connor) #6

Please don’t take this the wrong way but you are probably one of the few people to have had a AJ6 engine die (mechanically) on you. They are extremely robust engines.
I remember my brother talking to a wrecker in the UK years go and he asked what he thought of the new Jag engine
‘Rubbish’ came back the reply, when pushed he opened a container door and he had it full of AJ6 engines, all fully serviceable, he had no call for them as they didn’t fail.

(Joe Goeke) #7

No I have heard the same thing that the AJ6 engine are very solid.

I wonder if it has had oil consumption issues for a while and that’s why It decided to let go because someone drove it with minimal amount of oil it seems like prior to my ownership. That def. Could have caused pre mature wear.

(John Pattenden) #8

Hi Joe. You should be able to get a perfectly serviceable replacement engine from a Jaguar wreckers if you want to keep the car. As stated by Robin…

(Joe Goeke) #9

Yes that’s what I’ve decided to do. It’s such a fun cruiser and I don’t mind getting dirty

(Robin O'Connor) #10

Yup that was the word.