Tightening front shocks- how tight?

Is there a rule of thumb for tightening the nut on the upper front shock bushings? How tight should the nut be? I’m wondering if I am over tightening them. The bushings end up being squeezed quite a bit. Any thoughts?

I think I just tightened them up till I couldn’t hold the shaft any longer lol …so pretty damn tight.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I have tightened them down as far as they will go with new upper bushings installed. There is still a rattle. I have replacement lower bushings but I’m not sure how to remove the old ones. I tried hitting one with a hammer, but it would not budge. Should I heat up the area with a torch? Is there a special tool for pushing them out? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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The bushings need to be pressed out, i would not use heat as that may be detrimental to the shocks operation. Worst case scenario is to take the shocks to a workshop and see if they will replace them for you, you will have done the donkey work by taking them out of the car.

The front shocks don’t have lower bushings as part of the shock, just a bracket. The bushing is in the lower wishbone casting and the shock is bolted through it. You have to extract it by pressing it out using a bushing installer/extractor tool - or failing that, a drill and cold chisel and an hour or two.
Beware that the URO replacement bushing internal diameter is a little too big and the bolt will wiggle slightly if you go this way. Ask me how I know.

I always tighten them up such that they’re tight enough to easily put a jam nut on top of the main nut, or that four or five threads appear above the nylock, if used.

Shows how long it is that I haven’t owned a ‘40 :frowning:

I make allowances for ex-owners, Robin. You’re excused and don’t have to sit in the corner with the dunce cap. :slightly_smiling_face:

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