Time to contribute. Do you support PAYPAL?

Hello, I am way overdue and I was looking to use PAYPAL if I can. I do not see any easy way to send money so what am I missing? Alternatives?
Another question. How is the photo album transfer from the old site going? Any progress? Thanks Pete Sellers

A bit of advertising for Pay-Pal…
I once got back from vacation and a pay-pal bill was a couple days late, I mailed it in immediately. Next month they charged me thirty some dollars on a ten dollar late payment.
I called them up, made sure the payment was recorded, payed the thirty more, and fired them immediately, promising them lots of “advertising”.
They changed their mind, promised me the moon and reversed the charges. The credit sat on the account for a couple of months, then eventually I used it. But I won’t use them again!! my other two credit cards charge me up to a dollar if a payment is late. I can live with that. I hope you all belong to at lest one credit union. They are the only thing between us and higher interest rates from the banks.

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I never had issues with PayPal and use them for most things, and will donate via PayPal. OTOH, I don’t have a credit card.
Never had an overdue issue, but in my case PayPal pulls the money from my bank account immediately?
My 2¢ for advertising.