Time to Retire?

One of the tires on the XJ6 will not allow me to add air to that tire. I was attempting to bring four tires to 35 pounds. I can delete air as normal in this tire by depressing the pin in the center of the valve, but not add. I can ad air the other three tires. I am using a tool as one would fine in a service station to measure the pressure. When adding air to the other three tires, I can near the hiss of the air inflating the tire. No sound from thIs one

I tried increasing the air pressure from the hose to 50 pounds but no luck.

What to do?

71 XJ6

It may just need re valved. Not sure exactly why it would let air out, but I not in though, unless the valve is recessed further into the valve stem on that wheel

Change the “pin” aka valve within the stem.

Note the end on the hose you use to inflate the tire. Inside the nozzle that fits over the tire valve, you will see a nub, It is that nub that depresses the “pin” aka valve stem and allows air to enter the tire.

it may be a “tolerance stack”. both a tad short or one a tad short, etc.

Less likely: The PSI in the source must exceed the Psi in the tire. The more PSI in the source, the faster the tire PSI in the tire will rise.

From Teen years. fifty strokes on a hand pump would yield 30 PSI in a 600 X 16 tire.

Carl :

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I would get an old style valve removal tool, unwind the old one, wind in a new one. Bob’s your uncle. Paul.



There was a time that one of the four valve caps on many cars was the special one with the split tip to remove valve stems.

i used to have a valve stem with one of those caps attached in my “tire gear can”. Better to keep track of it.

If one has none. Clip off a cotter pin and split the end out a bit…

At one time, there were two versions of the old valves. A short version and a longer one!!!


I was about to mention that…:grimacing:

With regard to my trouble inflating one of the four tires.

I looked carefully at the valve stem on the tire that I could not inflate and it was indeed slightly shorter than the others.

Then I checked the valve on the air hose. It has two air injectors, back to back, and the one I was using was slightly shorter (Warn?) than the other. Although the two are back to back, the second one is at an angle that makes inaccessible to the valve stem.

However, I was able to remove the parts of the unused air injector and swapped them for the non functioning parts.

That worked. I think the original was just warn as was the valve stem.

I was then able to fill the tire

Thanks for your help


long explanation for a “short” problem.