Timing , as easy as 123?

Ok , please please someone put me out of my misery . I’ve put in the 123 dizzy so the green LED just lights up , actually there are three positions when it lights up , but I suppose that is to enable you to select the most convenient position to fit the vaccum pipe etc . But can someone tell me why , after setting no. 6 piston at 10 degrees btdc , on the compression stroke , verified by cam positions , the larger offset of the drive dog occupies the lower half , rather than the upper half . This meant that when I engaged the 123 , the rotor points to 11
O’clock instead of 4 . I rearranged the leads so no. 2 fires at 11 O’clock and followed the correct sequence from there . It wants to fire , but not quite , there is a lurching motion . What’s wrong ?

Back to basics Kenny. you are nearly there but…
Set the engine to TDC (or 10 before) as you have with cams pointing outwards. Put the distributor in place and where ever the rota arm points to install the ignition leads (153624) in an anticlockwise direction. (so take the note of where the rota is and start with 6 in that slot in the cap and work from there) the location of the rota is dependant on the who and how the engine was put back together. and once installed with the head on and cams in place becomes academic.

Well getting the cap back on the 123 , mk2 2.4 , could be more difficult , but not much ! ! ! I broke the carbon brush . I pre-empted the likelihood of that happening , more coming tomorrow . The old dizzy cap had a much more positive seating arrangement . Getting the new one seated and clipped way down deep under those two hoses is a PITA !

Indeed: it’s the main reason why I went for the EDIS on Tweety.

That said, it’s even worse on a sedan!

And it’s got to be even worse on a 2.4 because there’s nothing that isn’t in the way and the block is much shorter.

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Well , the 123 is in the mk2 and up and running . Revs fine , but slightly off perfect . Guess it needs timing tweaked a bit . There was no vac tube going to the old dizzy . How will that effect the 123 ?

Did you buy the non vacuum version of the 123 ?

Didn’t know there was such a thing . I bought direct from 123 in Germany , just asked for a 2.4 version , they didn’t say anything either .

I just put the 123 Bluetooth in my E type. I noticed that the cap didn’t just slot into place like the old one too. It’s not a big deal, just annoying.

Yes , I feel the seating could be better arranged . When you have it in your hand , no problem , fitting it on some cars is a pain ! :rage:

One small win for Lucas!!!

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Make sure the cap clips are tight. My cap started ‘floating’ and chewed up the rotor more than once. I had to bend the clips to increase the tension. In fact I now tape up the clips to make sure they don’t come loose.

I know I’m 7 months late, but I had the exact same problem with my 123 (4.2). It was floating. I had to order a new cap (Bosch) and it was even more floating until I bent the clips. It was causing my engine to randomly run on 5 or even less cylinders.