Timing Chain + Tensioner —- Engine out?

Hi- 1992 XJS V12 5.3. Workshop manual states, step one, take the engine out. Is this truly necessary? If possible I would like to just remove bonnet, radiator/evaporator, pulling cylinder heads (despite Kirby saying this is not strictly necessary), and front timing chain cover.

I’m also tempted to borrow/buy the JD38 and replace the dampers as well. Is the damper setting jig usable with the engine in the car?

Thanks all


You don’t need to take the heads off. You do need to strip off everything from the front of the engine and be able to at least lower the sump. Not removing the engine affects how much working space you have. Having less space makes simple jobs far harder and more time consuming.

The jig does not take up much space, so isn’t going to be the limiting factor in getting the job done.

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remove the bonnet, err sorry hood, the rad, etc and the slam panel, this should provide adequate access…