Timing Chain tensioner gasket & O ring

Hi Guys, has anyone changed the gasket and O ring on the timing chain tensioner that sits just behind and above the distributor ? Is it a case of just pulling it out once the two bolts are undone without any fear of something dropping out of the end and falling down inside the engine ?

Hi Casso!
The timing chain tensioner piston might find it’s way all the way down to the bottom of the oil pan if it’s popped out.

Hi Joe, I was worrried about that, thanks for the warning, I have a very slight oil drip coming from the cover plate. I might try pulling it out just far enough to smear some Hylomar gasket sealant behind the plate using a small artist’s type paint brush rather than removing it completely and risk bits falling down into the oil pan !
I hope everything is sweet with your car, cheers Casso.

You might want to check out the French site for this job: http://www.jcsovejag.com/jaguarxj/xj40_tendeur-chaine.php

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Casso, I checked out that website Otto recommended. I never realized there are that many O rings in the tensioner. When I replaced the head gasket in Sept. 2009, the tensioner piston fell in the engine. It’s still in there and I can hear it rattle if I press the gas pedal a bit harder. Let us know how it goes for you.

Thank you Otto, that’s a very informative set of pictures shown on that link. I’m so glad I didn’t just go ahead and pull it out before checking first on here ! The oil drip I have is only very slight, I think I’ll try sealing the gasket without completely removing the assembly.

The tensioner needs to be ‘parked’ by using an Allen key to release the tension.



Hi Gary, many thanks for that detailed explanation, exactly what I was hoping for and I feel much more confident in proceeding to fix the leak properly rather than a temporary bodge using gasket sealant. Cheers, Casso.

When you have the valve body out (number 5 in the diagram) give it a good clean as it has a number of very small orifices that can block with old oil.
When you reinsert the tensioner you use the Allen key again to ‘unpark’ it.

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