Timing chain tensioner kit recommendation

Hi, I own a 97 XK8, US spec, done 60,000 miles. Have had the tensioners replaced in 2007 but recently discovered the new tensioners are plastic as well. So, here we go again. No problems yet, but better safe than sorry.

Considering buying a kit from DCR Autoparts out of Scotland. Has anyone used this kit with success or otherwise? Any other recommended kits? The DCR kit has what he calls 4th generation tensioners. I know 3rd gen are metal, so I suspect 4th are a revision of these.

cheers and thanks

No recommendations, so I have ordered the DCR kit. Dave (Of DCR) has been very patient with my silly questions…so far. Will advise what I think of it when it arrives for future travellers… cheers

@BrentKeats, this may be in your wheelhouse.