Timing cover options

Hi all,
I’m having a 3.8 built up to go in my xk150. Unfortunately the original 3.4 block is NLA so I’m using a block etc from a MK 10.
My engine builder has asked me to supply a timing chain cover so it can be decked with the block. Rummaging through my bits and pieces I came up with 4 units… All different.
See photo album link here…
Timing covers

I’ve used the stamped numbers as identification. I found an older post of Rob’s that mentioned this was used to match cover to block to bearing caps etc.

Each of the covers has their issues;
OE is from a 120 with a different oil seal size
FSB has severe grooves where the chain must have been loose.
IRZ has a snapped stud
YDJ has a modified oil seal groove… anyone seen this before?

I’m leaning towards using IRZ as long as I can get the snapped stud out of the water pump mount. Any alternative suggestions?

Finally the oil seal:. There are numerous posts about rope versus teflon… Is there anything you suggest I do re the seal before assembly?

Cheers, Jon.

The C2238/1 has an obviously different bolt pattern on the lower right from the others…it shouldn’t even bolt up to your block.

Hi Lee,
You know, I never even noticed the different bolt pattern!
FYI The stud came out without too much swearing, and only 4 broken drill bits.

If anyone on the forum wants the early timing cover it’s theirs for the cost of postage.


When you say early I have a late 1950 3.4 and my cover is cracked. It is in at Woody’s for a clean up and possible repair but a replacement would be very handy. I am in Melbourne.

Looking at OE I think it is the same as mine as the bottom set of bolt holes stand out to mate with the front engine mount plate.

Edit: I just checked the SNG Barratt site and that is the part number for my engine.


Hi Matt,
It is yours for the taking. I’m in Melbourne too. PM me for the details.

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Holy crap, whatta “love connection” here!

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That’s what us Aussies are all about. Spread the love😀

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