Tire Brand and Size

(Bruce Rieck) #1

Well, I just caved in and bought a 95 XJS Convertible V-12 which I’ve wanted for years. It has stock rims and needs tires. Does anyone know what came on it? I’d also be interested in suggestions as two what might be better than what came on it. I’m not a big fan of the big rims with thin wide tires - to me, the low profile tires don’t ride very well.

(Dzia) #2

Congrats and welcome Bruce. When you have a minute, look up my “looking for wheels” thread. I choose the 20 spoke wheels over the 5 which I’m betting you have.

If I recall correctly a Pirelli tire was fitted 225/60/16. I found mixed reviews on that brand tire and went in another direction.


(Bruce Rieck) #3


Mine also has the 20 spoke wheels which I assume are stock as several others I looked at had them as well. I figured out the 225-60-16 size was correct and I sort of assumed they might have come with Pirellis (I bought an '83 XJ6 new and it had Pirelli’s -12 yrs earlier; don’t know why I necessarily assumed Jag (Ford) was still buying from Pirelli). What brand did you end up with?


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #4

Contract ?

215 70 15 on my XJS lattice wheels sourced from an XJS. t rated B. F. Goodrich are fine for my use. No extended runs at 125 MPH. I’ve not tried it, but, I suspect my lump could get up there…


(Greg) #5

My 1988 has the stock 215/70-15’s. I really like the Jaguar stock rims, even though they are Grandma 15" size, so am keeping them.

But my plan is to go down to 60 profile tires, perhaps 235/60-15, and put in lowering springs (Eibach?).

This should bring the car suspension down about 1 “, with the sidewall about 1/2” shorter. So the car overall will sit 1 1/2" lower, and the tire gap in wheel wells will be 1/2" smaller. The tires would also be about 3/4" wider.

I need to do some more research, to make sure no rubbing in wheel wells.

But I think this will look very sporty, and also help with performance.

This is a great calculator when trying different tire sizes:

(JimD in Alabama) #6

Bruce – congrats.
All 1995 XJS models are equipped with 16-inch wheels.
XJS (4.0L) XJS models have Pirelli P4000 225/60 ZR16 tires mounted
on cast alloy J7X16 five-spoke “diamond turned” road
XJS V12 XJS V12 models have Pirelli P4000 225/55 VR16 tires
mounted on new cast alloy J7X16 twenty-spoke “diamond
turned” road wheels. An optional fIVe-spoke chromed alloy
road wheel is available.

On my 95 Coupe I kept the 20 spoke and mounted Michelin Pilot Sport tires

(Bruce Rieck) #7

Thanks, I didn’t realize the V12’s had 225/55’s and the 6’s had 225/60’s. Good to know which ones are correct.

(Dzia) #8

Looks like Jim nailed it above. I have the 4.0 and used BF Goodrich Advantage T/A 225-60-16 V rated tires. I have found it to be a very nice, quiet riding tire when run at 26/28 pounds.


(Steve) #9

Jim is citing the Jaguar brochures. I never understood why the MY 1994 and MY 1995 used different sizes from the factory

Anyhow, experience shows that 225/55/16 and 225/60/16 are both acceptable choices. I had the latter until I figured that it’s getting more and more difficult to get decent tires in 16" and moved to 17" Revolvers off of XK8

(JimD in Alabama) #10

After reading your post Steve it made me realize that I might have a more challenging time the next time i put new feet on the cat