Tire Pressure Sensor (TPS) System Fault on X358

My dashboard is throwing up “Tyre Pressure Sensor System Fault” on my 2008 XJ8. Looking that up in the owner’s manual, it says only that something is “interfering” with the wireless TPS system, but gives no hints as to what those causes may be. More recently, it started throwing up “Tyre Pressure Sensor Fault” as well. In the last year, I switched out the original 19" 16-spoke wheels and swapped in 20" 5-spoke wheels and lower profile tires. Is it likely that just one of the TPS sensors is causing the whole system to crash? How easy is it to replace one or all sensors? Or is this something that requires the dealership to synch new sensors to the car’s computer?

I believe there have been reports of blue tooth interference from phones causing problems, is your phone Bluetooth turned on when in the car?

It is. But I have been driving this car for 18 months with my iPhone hooked up to the Bluetooth, without an issue until now.

Ok but it might be worth a shot at disconnecting BT and see if anything changes?