Tire Pump Manufacturer

I’m not sure if we ever identified the manufacturer of the tire pump in the Mark V. I came across these ads on the Grace’s Guide website for Bluemels that look like their Cyclone pump could be it, or a close relative anyway.

Bluemels started in 1860 making umbrellas, and by the 1920s had a large business in bicycle pumps, mudguards, hand grips, red reflectors, steering wheels and registration numbers.

I don’t believe BLUEMELS is the manufacturer/supplier of SS-Jaguar, Mark IV, Mark V nor XK120 Tyre Pumps, albeit definately a period British Manufacturer/Supplier of this style of tyre pump. I have looked closely at this brand before, and there is just too many manufacturing variations relative to the Jaguar pumps.

I have however already identified the SS Jaguar Tyre Pump as being identified by its VEVO branding, a proprietary brand name of ‘inflators’ made by Arthur R. Price (Aston Manor) Ltd of Birmingham, and believe this may have carried over post war to Mark IV tyre pumps as well, albeit they lost their VEVO branding which may well indicate being taken over by another small manufacturer as although almost identical in detail of their manufacture, they no longer have any branding at all, which would be unusual for one of the major manufacturer’s such as BLUEMELS or SHELLEY or SUTI for instance. There were two major changes in about 1949, thus as now seen in Mark V and XK120 tyre pumps, albeit still superficially the overall appearance remained the same apart from the handle now being painted black from about April/May 1948, thus late Mark IV period…

I have fully detailed all of this in my booklet on JAGUAR MARK IV TOOL KITS (1945-1949) that was published earlier this year…

Ok Roger. Odd though that there is no name at all.

Surprisingly very little on the net about Vevo, Arthur Price, Suti, not much on Shelley either, though I did find one pump on picclick.co.uk with the name Shelley cast into the feet, but has a different handle and top closure on the tube as well.

Mine is different on the feet from yours, ribs at an angle.

Looks like the same handle and tube top.

Quite a few similar old stirrup pumps on picclick. Makes you wonder who was the first on the market, and how many copycats there were.


The Pumps with the straight-grooved feet were as per pre-war SS Jaguar, and postwar Mark IV and just into the earliest 1949 Mark V. Pre-war pumps had VEVO branding stamped into the top-surface of the round end of one or both of the straight grooved feet, but during Mark IV period no branding at all, albeit I cannot discount the earliest 1945-46 Mark IV. From mid-1949 onwards, up to an including the last pumps supplied to Mark V and all XK120 the feet were changed to have the diagonal (or Chevron) grooved feet as per your Mark V pump pictured.
As before, SS Jaguar and Mark IV up to April/May 1948 had their timber handle clear varnished, but thereafter it was painted black - again as per my picture and your Mark V pump.

The other major change was the boss on the lower end cap into which the flex (hose) screws for SS Jaguar and Mark IV and up to mid 1949 Mark V pumps has a ‘special’ 11/32" BSC (Cycle) thread, but thereafter was increased slightly in diameter to be a ‘standard’ 3/8" BSC thread - this of course is easiest to measure on the end-fitting of the matching/original flex. This thread change does not exactly align with the change from straight-grooved to chevron-grooved feet.
The 11/32"BSC flex fitting is round, with two grooved row grip as per pic…

The 3/8"BSC flex fitting is a more commonly seen 1/4"BSF hexagon, with the clips and braided hose remaining the same…

I gave up trying to find any supplier world wide who could supply accurate reproduction flex - both fittings, clips and braided hose. So I ended up having a length of accurately reproduced braided hose made here in Australia, that is colour matched GREEN dyed cotton (no nylon) as my research says was consistently used SS-Jaguar/Mark IV/Mark V/XK120. The original braided hose invariably has chemically degraded to various levels green towards yellow/khaki as apparent in my two original fittings photos, so I restore flexes by re-using original clips/fittings with a length of my new reproduction braided green cotton hoses.
The main pump can of course be easily restored (if in undamaged/complete condition), thus now totally feasible to have a ‘concourse’ condition tyre pump and flex, that is accurate/authentic for any model SS-Jaguar/Mark IV/Mark V/XK120 - all Jaguar Part Number C.997 despite the evolution/changes in manufcature/apperance over this 1936-54 period…