Tire size recommendations for 17" XJR wheels on 93 XJ6?

Hello, I’ve acquired a 1993 XJ6 that currently has the 15" “Radial” style wheels on it with 225/65R15 tires. The tires are quite old so need to be replaced asap. I have a nice set of the 17" 1995-1997 XJR wheels (without tires) in my parts stash that I’ve always wanted to install on an XJ40 or X300. So I’d like to give them a try and unsure whether to buy the same tire size that Jaguar used on those 95-97 XJRs, which I understand was 255/45R17, or a slight variation?

From research, I’ve seen discussion of using 255/45, 255/40, 225/45, 245/50, or 225/55 with 17" wheels on an XJ40. I’ve used a tire size comparison to gauge the differencs in size between the stock 15" tire and the various 17" options. Any of them will throw the speedo off a little bit. The 255/45 tires will typically be about 1" wider and a shorter sidewall by a little more than an inch.

I know there may be some sacrifice of ride comfort. I previously ran 18" Pentas on an XJ81 with 255/40R18 tires and didn’t suffer any tramlining or other issues and was happy with the ride quality. Any input on 17" tire size suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

My 1994 model was fitted with 16" Kiwi wheels and 225/60 tires but I switched to 17" Coventry Whitley wheels many years ago. I have been running 225/55 R17 Continental Control Contact Tour tires for about five years now and am overall quite happy with the ride and handling. Theoretically these tires are the same width as factory fitted original tires and are within 1/10th of an inch in diameter, but I do experience some tire rubbing during sharp turns, especially if on uneven pavement (i.e. there is suspension deflection).

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Bumpy rides ahead LOL

What width are your original and new rims? I replaced the 7" wide 15" diameter Roulette rims with 8" wide 17" diameter XK8 rims and run 225/55R17 tyres. The reason for the change was mainly the availability of tyre sizes for the 17" rims. The ride is good but the handling is perhaps not as good as before, although acceptable to me.

The original Kiwi wheels were 16x7; the replacement Coventry Whitley wheels are 17x8.