Tired of dash smacking

now what do I do to fix the issue.

From memory its the transformer that is hanging off one of the circuit boards, the solder joints get stressed, looks like its time for a jewellers loupe to look for any damaged joints. Best of luck.

Thanks, that sounds like a good place to start! There are a lot of teenie tiny solder joints in there.

David …

You say you’re tired of dash smacking … think how your dash feels :sunglasses:

Robin is correct in that it’s almost certainly a bad solder joint, but how to find which one. The first clue is that it’s probably something large that’s soldered on the board and it’s slight movement has caused a joint to fail.

What I did was take the assembly apart like you have in the picture and while leaving it apart carefully reconnect all the electrical connectors. I placed a mirror on the floor mat and held the unit with the display down so I could see it in the mirror. Now with the door / trunk open, or the E brake applied the VCM will have a display. So start wiggling the different components while watching the display in the mirror. When you wiggle the one with the bad connector the display will come on and off. Once you’ve found the problem just resolder those joints and test it again.

I’ve done this twice over the years and it worked like a charm.

Oh yes, make sure you have the ignition on when you do the test.

David …

Did you find out what the problem with the VCM was ?

I reflowed the solder on the transformer all the others looked good, haven’t put it back in yet.

Solder joints can sometimes look “good” when they aren’t. When i did my fuse boxes I thought they looked nice and clean too so I just reinstalled them. they weren’t. Had to do it again.
As you have it out might as well reflow everything.

only if I have to, there are 100’s of solder joints in there.

David …

So you didn’t try my trick with the mirror ? That will tell you if your solder job on the transformer worked before you put everything back together.

You’re absolutely right, there is no way you’re going to reflow EVERY solder joint in the cluster. You’d probably result in gooning up the boards.

Larry, you didn’t really resolder EVERYTHING did you ? :face_with_monocle:

In the fuse boxes I did, never had to deal with the binnacle …

I probably will give everything a wiggle before reinstalling.