Tires and wire wheel color

'53 120 SE OTS in Suede Green (originally).

I’ve been on a photographic safari of my car… hundreds of pictures of everything as it comes apart.

First it looks like my wire wheels were painted to match the body before the silver presumably later. Could this Suede Green have been from the factory?

Second, my tires are ancient. Is anyone familiar with the markings? I’m pretty sure if there are date codes, it’s not in the current style. I’d like to date these as close as I can.


P.S. I KNOW… they’re going in the trash. (But, they still hold air).

I’m unable to help identify the specific age of your tires but, I have 4 decent painted 54-spoke 16" wire wheels to dispose of, if you or anyone else needs replacements. Southern CA… inexpensive.

Dick, how old are they? Any idea of mileage?

Upon closer exam, it turns out that the best one is one I had re-spoked and trued by Dayton several years back but (my error) it’s a 60-spoke wheel. The other 3ea 54-spoke wheels are very good. I don’t have any history on them but there are no bent or broken spokes and only one color over the original primer. they have been stored indoors and have only light surface rust in isolated areas.

If they were new… I never mount wheels I can’t trust. I’ve got 4 “good” wheels that are originals, but God knows where they’ve been. …not worth the risk/cheap insurance to buy new.

Thanks, but new in paint are only 450 or so.