Tires for 1997 XJ6 L

Recommended tires for 1997 XJ6 L?

Robert, welcome to the forums, I have moved your post to the X300 site as that is the correct one for your vehicle, the XJ site is for the S1,S11 and S111 models, totally different animals (pun intended)
Tyre choice will be dependant on your location as a recommendation from me (NZ) would be totally useless to someone in say, Norway, you can attache a flag to denote where in the world you are.

Depends on your budget, and frankly, how fast you typically drive your Jag. I have been very happy with tires from WM online made by Accelera … The ones I usually get are the “Eco Plush” (All-Season) model … They are shipped from a very large tire warehouse located in L.A. (made in Indonesia, IIRC). A very good price for a 15" tire (bought for my XJSes, but IIRC the X-300 also uses a 15"er) … and the quality is comparable to that of Michelin, Firestone, Goodyear, etc. IMHO … :+1: