MY Miles Tire Size
Ride Road Noise Durability Price

(quiet 1, loud 5) Per Tire

93 XJ40 83k Dunlop SP SPORT D40 M2 P235/60/R15 98V
Hard 5 ?? ??
91 XJ40 Sovereign 87k Michelin XGT4
P215/65/R15 95S Soft 2 ?? ??

Hmmm… the Michelin XGT4s are the wrong speed rating for that car…
S rated when it should have Vs…

IMHO, P4000s are the best bet for normal drivers.

People like myself who drive like hoodlums should go with 215-65VR15
P6000 Sport Veloces.

Just my 2p…

Bill Weismann
91 Vanden Plas
Montclair Jaguar, NJ