Tires yet again

Ruby’s 185-15 XVS-P Michelins ($296ea) are old and ready for replacement. I want to put some 6" wires on her downstream so for now I need to find some affordably priced 185-15’s to put on because one of the XVS’s has a flat and no one will touch it due to it being 10yo. What tires (with tubes) are people using for their 5" rims that I can get at Discount that are decent looking and good enough for some sporty cruising? Are the Vredestein Sprint Classics any good?

Do you plan on driving year round and if so what is the coldest it’s likely to get during your intended use?

I typically don’t drive her year round, but have taken it out during Christmas before. I read that the Vredestein’s don’t like cold weather, which is likely not an issue for me.

read the Tire Rack and manufacturer notices about “Summer Tires”. It goes a bit beyond “dislike”. It is a warning to not even have air pressure and weight on them below about 27F. There are plenty of tires that are "OK…if you don’t care about Japanese names on your tires and don’t need hi speed rated. Fewer if you want to stay with Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone and the like. Just google your tire size and web search. The problem will be you likely want an aspect ration similar to the old 185-15 which was about 80…and most now are 60 or 65. To find quality 185-80-15 go to the Longstone Tire UK website and noodle around…Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Avon, Vreds…site info will tell you if you can mount to either the 5 inch, and later the 6 inch. Nick

I know I can pay more money and get a better tire than the Vredestein’s, but the point is to buy something that decent just to last until I upgrade to 6" wheels. If I don’t drive it in the cold and it’s just sitting in the garage all winter I’m not sure that’s a problem. Also, I don’t see that warning on the same tires sold on Coker. What tire would you suggest that’s inline with the stock 185-15 with a 80 aspect ratio? I don’t see much in the $175-220 range.

Check out Universal Tires website


It’s probably worth pointing out here that at least some of the 185R15 tires can be fitted to 6" wide rims as well as 5". If you look at the specs of any tire on it will show you the range of rim widths that it will work with. I believe that if you search the archives you will see photos from one member of the Vredesteins fitted to 6" as well as 5" rims. Just another option…

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Thanks for the link, they even have white wall dog bones! That’s what my E-type came home with and they were so old they were hard as stone, but I kinda liked the look.


Ruby? Good name for a car.

Thanks, it’s shaped like my wife’s wedding ring ruby, I bought her the car for our 16th wedding anniversary (2003) and I’ve been serving as her in-house mechanic ever since, she even lets me drive it once and awhile. :wink:



If you’re eventually going to replace the rims, consider buying 16”x6. Many more tire choices that way. If you use 205/65 16 tires you get correct circumference and ride height compared to OEM.

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Interesting idea, I’ll need to look for some cars with that arrangement to see what it looks like.

Here’s mine with 16 inch wheels.

The larger diameter actually makes the wheels look a bit more modern. More wheel, less tire. What tires are you running and how do you like them?

But its not modern, its a one and only inimitable classic ! :blush:

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I like them.

Any modifications required to fit the 16 x 6 wheels?

And do they fit in the spare well?

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They fit in the spare well as well as any 205 tire will. In my case the hold down clamp just catches the first thread. I do however have a 15" spare on the best of the old wheels with a 205/70 tire on it. If I ever have a flat the car will sit crooked on the spare.
As for fit on the car, the rear bump stops did require shaving to eliminate rubbing at full drop. I understand this is a common problem with a 205 cross section tire.

If you have an LSD, and a flat on the rear, you’ll need to swap so you get the spare on the front. You want same circumference on both rear tires at all times

EDIT maybe not. Seems like the 65 profile on a 16” is nearly the same as a 70 on a 15