To lock the trunk

guys … i am looking for a solution for closing my trunk. I no longer have the key to the lock and I thought it could be connected to the central locking, I thought that maybe among the dozens of cables cut, modified and taped there could also be the one that closed it … but nothing, I disassembled the lock and there is only one sensor that should signal the opening.

The XJ40 should lock on the central locking. If it doesn’t then you need to find the wires that have been cut.

thanks for your availability and I take this opportunity … I disassembled the lock and found only a small plate with two wires that looks like an open door signal sensor … where is the actuator that prevents the boot button from opening it? I have to follow the cables … which I think obviously flow into the central locking relay.


To sort out these sort of problems you realy need a copy of the circuit diagrams as found in CD/Rom JHM1130 if you can lay your hands on one.Have you located the Lock and Unlock relays yet? They are behind the trim at the front right corner of the boot - one in a yellow base (lock) and the other in a blue base (unlock)
They are powered via the right rear door lock motor supply circuit and have the following wires-

Purple/orange, Purple/pink, Brown/green, Green/purple.

An additional Purple/orange wire goes to one side of the boot lock motor and an additional Purple/pink wire to the other side of that motor. Have you found that motor?

There’s more to the boot lock circuit of course involving the door lock control unit (under the dash on the right side).

I put the relay in a new one and it works by closing only the doors … I have two flying cables left and I thought about the trunk and the petrol cap … I don’t remember the color of these cables. the motor instead I don’t know where it is if you have a diagram it would help me … so I test it and check the continuity of the cables …the button on the console with the window symbol closes only the windows and the roof

The boot lock motor is part of the boot latch on the inside of the boot lid and has a Purple/orange wire and a Purple/pink wire going to it.

Is It 21 in this image?

Yes it is the lock motor/solenoid.