Todays Dilemma- 4.2 Oil Filter Housing on a 3.8 Block

OK, I know you guys are thinking “Where does he come up with this stuff?” But remember, this car came to me in boxes, after passing through a few hands. So nothing surprises me and I have to verify everything. I’m going to put up some pictures but I am positive that my oil filter assembly, consisting broadly of the casting that is bolted to the side of the block and the can that holds the filter element, is from a 4.2 car. And my major question is, will this work on my 3.8 block? Here are some details.
My first clue was that my parts did not match up with the picture in the SPC J.30. Because my car was built on January 2nd, 1963 I have learned to look at the SPC for the 4.2 cars, J.37. In general everything that I had made sense when looking at that document. So I guess my main concern is will the oil enter/exit the block correctly? BTW the engine number is R9655-9. The car number is 888055. To help answer that here are some photos.

Here is an overview picture of the components I have on hand. BTW that oil filter box showning in the photo is for my John Deere tractor. I have a new filter, not shown, from SNG.

Another question. Does this spring look correct? This would be the one that goes on the long rod and applies pressure to the end of the filter element.

I’m going to do an @ to 3 guys that I think will know the answer but anyone is welcome to chime in.

BTW one final fun fact. Someone glob welded over the spot on the housing where the drain bolt goes.

Hi Harvey, spring looks correct. There is also a small washer that goes between the spring and the felt washer that is not in the picture. Nothing special, just holds the felt tight on the larger washer. The 3.8 and 4.2 housing will both fit on the block. However, different bolts and thread on the long bolts. Different gaskets also. Blocks are the same. Make sure you leave the freeze plug in place on the XKE. It is the drainback hole used in the sedans of the era.

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Thanks Dick!!!

Hi Harvey,
Intersting to see the oil filter housing completely disassembled.

I notice that the steel disk that is just on the external face of the housing looks here to be separate from the housing. I thought that it was pressed in around the center part.
In case you would not yet have reassembled the oil filter, could you please measure accurately the dimensions of such a disk (ID, OD and thickness)? as my 3.8 filter housing is missing it and I am thinking to make a new one with the right dimensions.

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Serge, I have installed mine on the car. The round plate is captured under the fitting shown just to the left in the above picture. That fitting screws into the housing body and also is internally threaded to accept the long center rod. So when you screw the fitting into the housing, it captures the round plate securely. I suspect when some have been removed after many years of service, the “coked up” oil adheres one to the other.
I suspect that @Dick_Maury has one of these loose. If not, I could take mine back apart enough to make a measurement.

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Thank you very much for your proposal.
Looking fwd, from Dick or yourself

The filter base plate is held onto the filter housing by the aluminum swegged over the edge on some cars and held by the screw base on others. I do not have an extra but it is just sheet metal and not real critical how thick as long as it is sturdy enough to push on the filter and not bend. Rather easy to make if you have any metal working skills.

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OD is 2 9/16"
ID is 1 1/16"
Thickness is 0.036"

Thank you very much, Harvey.
I realise now that your oil filter housing is a 4.2 one, while mine is a 3.8, my mistake. Here are pictures of the two models for the S1 (also including the S2 one):

According to your picture above, the 4.2 S1 disk seems to be held in place by the screw base while on the 3.8 it seems to be pressed in around the central cylindrical part.

I have disassembled the oil filter housing of my 3.8 roadster, which is complete (only my 3.8 FHC is missing the disk), and measured the dimensions of that disk.
They are sketched here under (in mm):

So slightly different.
In inches it is approximately:
OD: 2" 13/16"
ID: 1" 1/4"
I will ask my mechanic to make one.