Tonneau cover zipper

(paultg) #1

I have the original zipper to the original tonneau cover but it is missing the pull tab. Does anyone have a picture of an original so I can fabricate a new one? Your help is greatly appreciated. Paul

(Pat Harmon) #2

What model and year?

Pat H

(paultg) #3

55 140 ots

(Pat Harmon) #4

Here is what I have on my 59 OTS


(Nick Saltarelli) #5

This is a closeup of the zipper pull from my ‘54 120 OTS tonneau:

(paultg) #6

Thank you Pat! That is very helpful.

After some more digging in the Forum I found some pictures of some additional zippers which were very useful also. Interestingly there wasn’t a consistency. Hard to say what was original and not that it really matters that much. I was just trying to match a pull tab to the zipper. I did make one out of brass stock and it is adequate but clearly not original but sufficient.

Thanks so much for your assistance and time.


(paultg) #7

Thanks Nick!

Very nice of you to take the time to send that picture.


(Rob Reilly) #8

Here is the pull tab on my 1950 Mark V saloon front door pockets.

(paultg) #9

Thanks Rob. My zipper is different but is helpful to understand the differences.
Thanks for taking the time!