Too many cars need to sell

Have a 49 /50 MK V, 52 MK VII, 54 Bentley “R”, 54 Mercedes 300B, 59 MK I, 60 MK II, 71 XJ6, 75 XJ6C,76 XJ V12 Coupe. All of these cars have been in storage for at least 10 years. They are mostly complete automobiles with original equipment except the MK V which has a Pontiac engine.
Need to sell, would prefer to sell to individuals who would appreciate the car rather than to a reseller.
Thinking about Ebay but thought I would look here for advice first.

Try the classifieds, ebay, and so on - bring a trailer still in favor? - look around for what the cars sell for and give honest descriptions, don’t expect to sell all this year but I‘m sure you can find good homes for all of them. Good luck.

PM sent on xj coupes

PM sent regarding xj coupes.
Looked like my first post may have went to David.

I’m lookin for XJ12C UG2G50764BW It was signal red with a tan interior and a big steel sunroof. If that’s the XJ12C you have… it used to be mine and I want it back!

Jagsandmgs @



Nope, the V12 has a Black interior, UG50736

Thanks Jagkeeper, I’ll find it some day. Where are you located?

Fort Myers, Fl area 33982

If I bought one of the coupes how soon would it have to be moved.

No Hurry, are you talking weeks, Months?

Couple months or so. Just depends on this virus situation.
I’ll PM you my phone number if you don’t mind give me call tomorrow at your convenience.
I have a medical appointment with PT at 1:45 tomorrow any other time is fine.

Kindly PM photos and prices please

Hi Jagkeeper. I just saw your message and thought I would contact you. I am in Stuart FL. and involved with the Coventry Foundation. one or two of the cars you have would be good additions to the foundation museum/collection. Would love to to communicate more via PM.

which two cars are you interested in?