Too many nuts and bolts!

Nice to have a few , but takes more time to find the one you want :grin:

I used to have MANY drawers of that stuff, which while I was in business, were handy to have.

When I got out of the business, ~500 pounds went into the scrap barrel.

In one afternoon and a pint you can sort those into a dozen containers and save yourself hours. I grew up in a machine shop and learned everything has its place. Put the tools away after you use them.

You just need to organize your extra bits better. I use plastic storage boxes to keep parts ready to use. This is the box that I call “Very Nice Fasteners” that I use for replacing rusty or tarnished fasteners while working on my Jaguars. I have about two dozen other boxes just like this one for fuses, bulbs, electrical components, relays, nuts, bolts, washers, clamps,


It is time consuming to organize parts this way, but this organization makes it very quick to find the right part when I need it.

Have far too many Paul , to all be organized , the lot in the picture are from one of about 4 tin’s for the Jag
Must have about 15 containers full of diffrent sizes and threads , would need a few 100 individual containers , for them to be organized is size and threads .
Will never be stuck for a nut bolt or washer lol.
Ok I tell a lie , just ordered some M12 nut’s and washers :grin:

I’ve heard that Jaguar Bees bolts and nuts are in great demand for the rivet counter restorers. Maybe sell some on EBay?

That’s why I have so many lying about , will always try and use a original Jaguar bolt and nut , don’t mind a bit of patina , but shaved edges I don’t like !

I’ve been saving all the nuts and bolts, as I disassemble the two junk S3 XK engines I have, and all my parts Rovers have BEES and GKN fasteners.

Maybe just sort into nuts, bolts, washers and other. I am like Ian. Not organised to do much more than that and like my computer hard drive I rely on my ‘search facility’ .

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